Our Mission

To be the most intelligent application for sourcing internal organizational data and utilizing it
to empower employees in their day-to-day work.

Our motivation

We want to solve one of the biggest problems experienced by organizations today – information silos and the inability to share knowledge.

Your organization depends on the ability to quickly get information when needed. However, too often your organizations applications are disconnected information silos that hinder your employees in getting access to certain data and get the full picture.

The Cluedin integration platform provides you with a comprehensive solution for connecting, enriching, and managing information across your applications and data repositories – whether these are cloud-based or on-premises. We provide you with a single platform that allows your employees to make smarter decisions and work faster.

Our Philosophy and Ideology

The theory behind knowledge sharing is not difficult to understand, yet it seems that most businesses today suffer from the side effects of not having it.

We believe in the idea of knowledge being open by default, where the thought of not sharing knowledge requires effort – not the other way around. The fact is that knowledge sharing is hard because sharing knowledge always requires one more step than not sharing. Your always have to click the share button or forward the email. Wouldn't it be interesting to work in an environment where this wasn't necessary?

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11 Titangade,
2200 Copenhagen N

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