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We want to solve one of the biggest problems experienced by organizations today – information silos and the inability for companies to leverage their data. Your organization depends on the ability to quickly get information when needed. However, too often your organizations applications are disconnected information silos that hinder your employees in getting access to certain data and get the full picture. The CluedIn integration platform provides you with a comprehensive solution for connecting, enriching, and managing information across your applications and data repositories– whether these are cloud - based or on - premises. We provide you with a single platform that allows your employees to make smarter decisions and work faster.

Position Summary

We are seeking for a talented engineer who will report to our lead engineer. The person that fills this position will help us to grow our product while also participating in shaping the future of our architecture.

As part of the product team, you will be responsible for design, implementation, and maintenance of a large data platform management system. You will be responsible for collaborating with other team members, delivering quality software in an expedient manner, and contributing to the overall quality, scalability, maintainability and reliability of our platform.

The system consists in a large data management platform with plenty of interesting challenges to tackle such as large data ingestion, streaming platform, processing of billions of data points, updating large data set in automated fashion…



.NET Core







Powershell for scripting

SQL Server



Rabbit MQ



A job that works around your life (not the other way round)

The opportunity to work with some of the most talented people in the world

No need to commute

No need to be tied to a desk

Work on things you'll love

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Send your resume to pid@cluedin.com
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