Unified View

The unified view shows everything that is connected to a search result and provides you with complete insight. By connecting every piece of data in Cluedin, you donǯt have to jump between multiple systems to gain a full view of your work. Cluedin ties your scattered services and turn them into a hyper-connected knowledge platform.

Get Ready in less than 5 minutes!

You just have to choose the services your company uses from a list. The more services and different accounts you add, the better Cluedin gets! Let Cluedin know what accounts or data you would like to share with your team members – keep in mind that these settings can be changed later on.
Every piece of data is transferred and stored securely in Cluedin and encrypted.

Home Screen

Full organizational overview that shows what is going on in your organization, based on what is important to the individual employee. Save time by getting up to date, from one place!

Dynamic Data

Typically, data is entered manually into tools and becomes obsolete quickly. Cluedin intelligently searches and verifies data across multiple sources so you always have access to high-quality data. You no longer have to second-guess information or fill in the blanks.

Keep in the Loop

Subscribe to documents, presentations etc. that are important to you and get instantly notified as soon as there are updates or changes.

Advanced Filter

Searching between thousands of files can be frustrating. Quickly filter your search, for instance by author, file and type - and find what you are after in seconds.


Subscribe to keywords of your interest and be notified when these keywords are mentionen within your organization.

Content Preview

Preview your documents, videos, presentations, spreadsheets, and pictures directly in Cluedin, which allows you to quickly get the knowledge you need. You also have the possibility to edit your content directly from Cluedin!

Enriched Lead Generation

See similar companies to your current customers and discover valuable new leads. The leads contain valuable information such as revenue and number of employees.

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