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Are you ready for the GDPR?

The EU General Data protection Regulation will introduce significant changes to data protection requirements. To ensure compliance, organizations must now be able to determine and understand the data they collect, store, and process within the organization. With Cluedin’s data management solution, you can simplify your way towards GDPR compliance.

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In order to become GDPR compliant, you have to gain visibility into the personal data you hold. You have to understand how data is processed and managed, you need to map where it’s stored, who can access it, and how long you’ve kept it in your systems. With Cluedin, you can tackle these steps in your journey to regulatory compliance.

Cluedin logs and audits the transfer of personal data as well as what servers were touched through the processing, storage, and transfer of this data, providing you with a consistent insight to your organization’s unstructured data and allowing you to create and maintain records of processing activities.

“My main goal at Cluedin is to provide our customers with the reassurance that I am dedicated to preserving the security and privacy of their person content. With over 15 years of experience in the data security field, I assure that our team is putting security and privacy as a large focus point for everything we do. It has become part of the company culture that processing data that contains person identifiers needs to be treated with the utmost protection and that we are a company that plans for the worst, not hopes for the best.”
-Andersen Borum, Data Protection Officer

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