Unified view of customer interactions

With Cluedin’s unified company view, your reps have a complete overview of all the touchpoints a customer has with your business, providing your reps with the information they need to deliver a superior customer experience and service.

Sell smarter and faster

Sales professionals waste up to one-third of their time switching through different tools, trying to piece things together.
With Cluedin, reps can quickly tap into all of the knowledge they need from one place – empowering them to move faster and sell smarter.

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Discover inter-relationships

Sell smarter by uncovering connections and hidden knowledge through inter-relationships between employees and potential prospects.

Get back 30% of your day

Connect every piece of information in Cluedin and arm your reps with the knowledge and assets they need to win deals. Reduce the time they use on research and on creating new sales content, and decrease time to value.

Enriched lead generation

Cluedin’s intelligent system constantly crawls, verifies and connects data, enabling it to enrich data. This means that your reps can add a company to Cluedin, after which the lead is automatically enriched with relevant sales information such as revenue, number of employees and decisions makers.

Ensure up-to-date information

As Cluedin intelligently searches and verifies information across multiple sources, Cluedin becomes the source of truth for your sales team. Let your reps have total confidence in every prospect interaction by providing them with accurate, high-quality knowledge. .

Cluedin for sales

Connect your know-how and empower your reps.

Learn how Revolt took the guesswork out of choosing which customers to engage with – and reduced cold calling by 80%!

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