Increase the value of your business intelligence by feeding your BI Tools with a greater volume of precise data from any platform throughout your company. The CluedIn platform allows your company to merge data from all tools across the company to fuel dashboards, reports and real-time forecasting in one unified view. CluedIn automatically increases the value of your business intelligence tools by allowing data analysts to pivot and filter data by any single value across all of your tools and platforms.

Improved data quality

CluedIn cleanses the data you feed into your BI tools, making the process less time consuming, while increasing the value of the output.

Real-time data

Perform forecasting with real-time data to optimise the precision of the forecast.

Full view

CluedIn allows your company to use precise data from all your different tools to gain a full view of your company performance.

Automated Data preparation

Not only does Cluedin fetch data from your different platforms, the software also processes the data in terms of organising, cleaning, de-duplicating and enriching and thereby reducing organizational effort and the resources spent on manual data preparation.

Augmented Analytics

When collecting, growing and utilising the full potential of your company data becomes a core business value, you will see opportunities in all of your companies business areas that will benefit from having better information.
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