The Cluedin platform allows everyone to share and gain knowledge across the entire enterprise in a matter of seconds. Subscribe to topics, projects or people to follow progress and gain inspiration.

Blazingly Fast

Search your entire organization in milliseconds to find exactly what you are looking for. With personalised search, we always bring back the most relevant results to your search.

Search Anything

CluedIn supports searching within structured and unstructured content, including documents, presentations, mail and more.

Subscribed Searches

Never miss a thing around a topic you are interested in, by following keywords and topics that interest you. As soon as anything around that topic is changed in your company, you will be notified immediately.

Find that needle in your company haystack.

The CluedIn platform provides the most advanced Enterprise Search fabric on the market. With an advanced, machine learning driven relevance engine, you will always find the exact thing you are looking for across your entire organization.
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