The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduces significant changes to data protection requirements. To ensure compliance, organisations must now be able to determine and understand the data they collect, store and process within the organisation. Cluedin’s data management solution solves the hard part and provides your company with the right technical underpinning.

Subject Access Request

Process a subject access request (SAR) within minutes with the CluedIn platform.

Find personal data

Search and find any personally identifiable information (PII) in both structured and unstructured data.

Take action on PII data

Find and delete, anonymize, minify, edit or rectify any personal identifiers in your structured and unstructured data from one single place.

Consent management system

The Cluedin platform provides an intuitive and easy consent management system that allows your company to confidently use data while remaining true to the consent and compliance regulations.
Getting started

Getting started

  • Easily ingest your company data with over 100+ prebuilt one-click integrations.
  • Support for Structured, Unstructured, data in a Data Warehouse, Web Activity and more.
  • A simple REST API to ingest data from your custom built tools.
  • Choose where you want to host. Choose from the CluedIn multi-tenant hosted environments in the US, Australia and Germany. Alternatively, choose your own Single Tenant provider or host completely On-Premises.
  • Scale to any size of data. CluedIn has proven scalability to over 1200+ tools, all in one CluedIn server environment.

Ingestion and Analysis

  • Support for data in many languages including English, Danish, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Swedish and more.
  • Automatic PII Identification of over 350 different types of identifiers.
  • Automatic Data Classification
  • The Industries strongest merging engine, purpose built to determine that John Smith and J Smith are the same person.
  • A Merging Engine that automatically merges data around the same individual with high 90 percentile precision.
  • We detect the flow of data directly from the tools you integrate with CluedIn.
  • No need to manually map relationships between data. CluedIn provides this automatically.
  • Easily detect where data is being used in an automated way.
  • Powerful data enrichment and validation to guarantee higher data precision.
  • Support for OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
  • Support for transcoding audio and video recordings to identify PII.
  • Machine Learning Enhanced Identification.
  • Identify PII within Images.
  • We automatically build relationships between data using a statistical confidence ensemble engine.
  • Patented Context Driven data that understands the relationships between personal data.
Consent Management

Consent Management

  • A simple way to enter the consent that your company would like to get from your data subjects.
  • A mapping of what data subjects have consented for, down to the individual object level.
  • Blockchain-backed consent management system that can guarantee transparency and can be hosted on your website to automate the consent capture process.

Data Flow

  • Automatic Data Flow management, built only off your data.
  • Track data as it leaves your environment
  • Set alerts for data flow that breaks your data governance rules.
Data Flow


  • Find an individual by any known identifier including Names, Emails, Phone Numbers, Cookies and more.
  • Quickly find an individual within milliseconds across TB’s+ of data.
  • Graph and Machine Learning based relevance engine that uses context to find the most relevant Person for a Subject Access Request.

Simplify your Subject Access Request

  • Easily Export Data on an indivudal in the appropriate Machine Readable formats.
  • Easily generate Data Export Reports for your data subjects.
  • Get Full Activity History on an Individual including access, modifications and more.
  • Full Activity Tracking with ability to notify all people who were exposed to a piece of private data.
  • Simple and customisable workflow to be able to process a Subject Access Request within minutes.
  • Generate Beautiful and Transparent Reports.
  • Easily Rectify, Minimise, Anonymise, Pseudo-anonymise, Remove or Remove data from Processing in one place.
  • Easy collaboration on Subject Access Requests and escalation to manage different SAR processes.
  • Support for Supervisory Authority targeted Breach Reports.
  • A robust Data Controller Notification System.
  • Anonymise, Remove from Processing, Rectify, Minimise, Pseudo-anonymise in one click with full workflow and approval chain support.
Full Control over your Data

Full Control over your Data

  • Simple Business User tools to manage and train your system
  • Simple ETAG, Retention features to set retention periods.
  • Track External Sharing Links and Users.
  • A REST API that is consent enabled. Write quires for data and only get the results you have consent for.

Data Linkage and governance

  • Simple way to identify data loss and data corruption.
  • Easily Generate Breach Reports.
  • Answer Audits with simple reports and dashboards.
  • Simple Dashboards that allows you to monitor your compliance in realtime.
  • Easily see where your data is located to help you identify where you are hosting data.
  • Sensitive data detection and simple reports on high risk areas of data.
  • Automatically highlight security risks and how to fix them.
  • Encryption Reports.
  • Automatically identify actions on how to maintain high level GDPR compliance.
  • Track data and when it moves over borders with simple notifications to alert users of high risk actions.
Data Responsibility

Data Responsibility

  • Easily know whose data was impacted by data loss or breached data.
  • Easily give auditors the ability to analyze your compliance in an efficient manner.
  • Subscribe to identifiers of data subjects that don’t want you to have their data and block the data from being ingested.

What you need to do as a Company

  • Look into internal policies on data sharing. Do you allow employees to create open share links?
  • Do you allow your employees to use non-prescribed tools?
  • Have you updated all places of person data capture to be GDPR compliant?
  • Train your staff to think more about data on a person and that you can only use it for what you have the rights to use it for.
What you need to do as a Company
My main goal at CluedIn is to provide our customers with the reassurance that I am dedicated to preserving the security and privacy of their person content.

With over 15 years of experience in the data security field, I assure that our team is putting security and privacy as a large focus point for everything we do.

It has become part of the company culture that processing data that contains person identifiers needs to be treated with the utmost protection and that we are a company that plans for the worst, not hopes for the best.

Anders Borum
Data Protection Officer
If you would like to put through a request for personal data removal, anonymization or export, please contact:

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