Every company in the world is on the edge of being a data driven company. CluedIn gets you over the edge by unleashing precise data to fuel the most demanding of Machine Learning techniques. CluedIn provides the data fabric to start utilizing platforms like Azure ML, Amazon Machine Learning, Google Machine Learning and Rapidminer.

Automated Data Preparation

With the CluedIn platform, you can provide your Machine Learning experiments with the highest quality of data.

Time Saving

CluedIn allows your company to focus on retrieving value from Machine Learning engagement instead of wasting time on data preparation.

Machine learning and AI on the forefront

With all internal and external data available and prepared from one single platform, Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence techniques can be applied faster and more timely. Easily realise potentials and gain insights relevant to the fast-paced forefront of your business.

Good Data In, Good Results Out.

Machine Learning techniques require accessible and good quality data. CluedIn can provider your Machine Learning projects with more valid and precise data than any other process available on the market.
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