Sell smarter. Sell faster.

Sales professionals waste up to one-third of their time switching through
different tools, trying to piece the customer together.
With CluedIn, sales professionals can quickly tap into all of the knowledge they need from
one place – empowering them to move faster and sell smarter.

Unified view of customer data

With CluedIn’s unified company and contact view, your sales professionals have a complete overview of all the touchpoints a customer has with your business. All of this, fed back into the tools your sales teams are already using. Give your sales professionals the information they need to deliver a superior customer experience and service.

Sales Signals

Through the CluedIn platform, your sales professionals can track every touchpoint between your company and your customers and leads. This enables improving proactive attention and generating increased insights on customer needs.

Activity history

Every single historical customer touchpoint in one single place, allowing you to gain true 360 degree visibility over your customers.

Discover inter-relationships

Sell smarter by uncovering connections and hidden knowledge through inter-relationships between employees, your company networks and potential prospects.

Get back 30% of your day

Reduce the time that your sales professionals use on research and on creating new sales content and decrease time to value.

Ensure up-to-date information

CluedIn intelligently searches and verifies information across multiple sources and enables your own tools to become fully updated with precise and reliable information. Enable your sales professionals to have total confidence in every prospect interaction by providing them with accurate, high-quality knowledge.

Enriched lead generation

The CluedIn platform proactively discovers, enriches, verifies and connects data across the enterprise. This means that your sales professionals can have CluedIn automatically enrich leads with relevant sales information you did not have available, such as revenue, number of employees, decisions makers and more.

Customer intelligence

Based on historical data and patterns, the CluedIn platform assists in generating sales growth and new leads by identifying new opportunities that are instantly delivered to sales team(s) in a way that allows for instant actionable measures.

Detect new customers

CluedIn will help your sales team discover new potential customers that match existing customers in purchasing patterns, customer segmentation and other machine learning driven techniques.

Predict customer churn

Customer retention is key, and CluedIn enables your company to proactively cater for customers that would have churned without intervention.

Monitor interesting customer patterns

Achieve insights and additional selling opportunities and market trends with CluedIn providing the quality data needed for this.

CluedIn enables the utilisation of Customer Intelligence by structuring, preparing, de-duplicating and organizing your company data to build deeper and more effective customer relationships. All of this while also improving the decision-making opportunites of your sales team(s).

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