Your knowledge,
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Cluedin is a knowledge management solution that connects data from any cloud-based or on-premise service, allowing you to utilize the collective knowledge in your organization.

Knowledge is power. Sharing knowledge is powerful

Our platform helps businesses transform everyday workflows and improve communication.
It allows you to access every piece of information that sits within your business – empowering you to make better decisions much faster.


Instant knowledge sharing

Make communication transparent, timely, and accurate and keep everyone in the loop.

save time

Find anything fast

Search through every connected service to find exactly what you’re looking for and improve time to value.

code free

Code-free platform

Easily manage data on your own with a platform that’s designed for non-technical users.

Build a connected business

As data is becoming increasingly disconnected between services, the need to bring data together has increased greatly. That’s why more and more businesses have started to show interest in the growing trend of Integration Platform as a Service or IPaaS. By connecting every piece of data into one platform, businesses are able to move faster, create better work, and outpace competition.

Cluedin’s IPaaS solution automatically connects all your knowledge in one place, making your transformation to a connected business easy, quick, and simple.

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Case studies

How Cluedin helps deliver proactive customer support
How Cluedin replaces the need of having daily team meetings
How Cluedin delivers a 360° view on your customers without a hassle
How Cluedin enables sales teams to deliver more targeted & personalized experiences

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