It's Your Data

Every piece of data you integrate into CluedIn is private to your organizations. CluedIn will never own your data. We won't copy, share, or modify your data. We will never access your data without your consent. If you ever delete your account, we will delete all your data from our servers after a period of 30-days.

Access Permission

Not all data is supposed to be shared with everyone within your organization. CluedIn respects all the access controls and permissions set by the source service, which means that users who can’t access a specific file in the source tool can’t access the file in CluedIn either. However, any user can see that the file exists and thus can ask the owner of the file for access permission.

Detect Sensitive Documents

CluedIn has multiple layers of checking sensitive documents, that helps detect such as contracts and salaries. Our specially trained data models for sensitivity detection alert CluedIn administrators of the existence of the sensitive documents, which solves the problem of sensitive data slipping through.

IP Restrictions

IP restrictions are set on authentication tokens, hence there is no way for tokens to be handed out and for them to work unless they come from the same IP address.

CluedIn Admin Account

If you want CluedIn to support you in your own environment, we can create an admin account for CluedIn. If you register a CluedIn admin account, the CluedIn admin can do everything your organizational admin can do. This implies that it’s the responsibility of that integration point to restrict access to read sensitive data.
If you have any worries about how CluedIn stores your data, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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